Infertility art show!

What an A. MAZ. ING. weekend this was!! Friday night I set up the show with the help of a new friend, a professional artist who offered to help.  I learned a lot as a newbie to this. And I was amazed at the serendipity and grace of how the amount of paintings, their themes [...]

Day off and sweating in the heat

Today I got up at 6am and fed our cats, went back to bed and contemplated going to the beach. Instead I fell asleep, which felt great.  When I got up I did some art work and pulled two really great prints off the printing plate. I also added more to a new painting I'm [...]

It’s over 

I'm in the waiting room of the blood draw office and it's insult to injury. AF started heavier than ever a few days ago. And yet my nurse has told me that they need a final blood draw to close the cycle and confirm I'm not pregnant.  We met with our RE on Monday and [...]