Totally embarrassed 

Between this morning's blood work and saying goodbye to the staff, somehow getting triggered to tears in Starbucks and then running into one of my husband's coworkers, and the incessant yammering of my 20-something coworker who has a 6-month old, I lost my shit at work today. Hysterical sobbing. The kind where I feel like [...]

It’s over 

I'm in the waiting room of the blood draw office and it's insult to injury. AF started heavier than ever a few days ago. And yet my nurse has told me that they need a final blood draw to close the cycle and confirm I'm not pregnant.  We met with our RE on Monday and [...]

Canceled again 

Alternate title: "Reschedule my appointments, lock the doors and shave everything!" Well, I've been canceled. So instead of sciencing fertilization, I'm doing the trigger shot tonight and leave the rest up to intimacy and my hub's swimmers. I think I'll need a nap. Lol  This outcome though feels ok to me, interestingly, so I don't [...]

The post op visit

It's confirmed. I am an endo-sister. I saw my surgeon today for my post op visit. We spent the time talking about how the pain (when I laugh too hard or sneeze) is normal and the depression I feel is sorta normal. He told me that there WAS endometriosis INSIDE my left tube and ovary--but [...]