Another reason to love Elizabeth Warren

From Endo What, Sen Warren and Sen Orrin Hatch are raising awareness about endometriosis. It's about damn time. I didn't know I had endometriosis until after 2 surgeries, 2 removed organs, 2 failed fertility treatments. Imagine if endometriosis could be diagnosed and treated before it had wreaked havoc on my internal organs. All the pain [...]

When it seems like everyone else can get pregnant

I went to Ireland in May for an artists' retreat. It was incredible, inspiring, healing, affirmative. I'm a nomad at heart who's happy to return to routine for a few months and then hit the road again. I made peace with my body while I stood at the edge of the sea and accepted that [...]

Taking it way back: my fertility story – part 1

I assumed that motherhood would be there for me when I was ready for it. When my first husband and I were dating, he asked me if I wanted kids. It was early December. We were 19 years old, sitting in the parking lot of my college dorm, in his Jeep that wasn't fit for [...]

Don’t know where we’re going, but we’ll know when we get there

Last night my husband was cleaning out his contacts in his phone. He came across our RE's number and said, "Well, I guess I can take him out of my phone now." This startling truth and a moment of letting go for him. That chapter is closed. I haven't been able to remove his number [...]