Travel plans :)

Smiley face.

I am a seeker. New things thrill me. And it doesn’t have to be all fireworks and parades.

I remember one year I went to California to visit a friend and then travel up the coast to a wedding. This was a trip with my first husband. It was an incredible trip! When I came home i said to my friends: “the three coolest things about the trip: 1. I saw an artichoke in bloom 2. A real mariachi band played at my friend’s part 3. I saw green parrots in flight.” My friends chuckled.

Of course there were other amazing parts of the trip — we drove from LA to San Fran! With no plans! Just winging the places we would stay! We saw Solvang with its Dutch vibe and we stayed in this WEIRD hotel in San Luis Obispo called the Madonna Inn that I swear was haunted. We visited wineries.

But I love the simple, unique joys in life. I never knew that artichokes bloomed in such a beautiful way.

Back to the present time …

I made plans to go to Ireland this coming May! I’m joining alongside a group of women who will be doing a one week trip to several sacred sites in Ireland to do watercolor painting. (Swoon)

I went to Ireland in 2016 and in 2007. I felt the land’s magic (and sadness). I yearn to go back and tune into the energies of the land and see what I can intuit through images.

So I’m learning to watercolor in preparation! Ha! I’m somewhat of an overachiever and like to be prepared. It wouldn’t matter if I showed up with some basic supplies and no intention of making “art.”

The trip is at the end of May and it’s coming up quickly.

I’ve also got plans to visit my dad in Florida in March/April and my in laws in the Dominican in October. That will be a family trip.

These are great things to look forward to!

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