Infertility art show!

What an A. MAZ. ING. weekend this was!! Friday night I set up the show with the help of a new friend, a professional artist who offered to help. 

I learned a lot as a newbie to this. And I was amazed at the serendipity and grace of how the amount of paintings, their themes and color schemes worked out absolutely perfectly to hang in a beautiful arrangement.

Yesterday the show coincided with an open house day at the crystal shop where the gallery is, and it was a gorgeous and unseasonably warm day for October in Massachusetts so the foot traffic was great. 

There was a steady flow of visitors; most of them people that I know but I met new people, including individuals who are in the arts community in the Boston area. Ive also already sold 6 paintings and multiple prints!

New doors are opening for me. 

I also saw how my art touched and moved people. More than one person found themselves in tears in reaction to the sensations the artwork invoked. The fertility series is raw but also uplifting. The other paintings are passion-filled, multilayered and affirming of the pure love and oneness that we are as human beings on this earth. My energy comes through the art—as it always has in whatever creative expression I may produce—and yet I didn’t count on people being so moved by it. To me, I’m just creating. I’m just doing what I do. I’m honored to be a part of someone’s catharsis. 

We all have our unique gifts to give in this world. It might seem like the simplest thing—because you are “just being you.” The world needs YOU and your unique gift. That’s why you were born. 

A year has passed and I look around the house in reflection. I have painted my pain and hopes into pieces that are being sold at a gallery. A box of fertility related medical paraphernalia still sits in the dining room. The tickets and the agenda for the fertility and adoption conference are pinned to the refrigerator. Scars are still on my belly that hasn’t seen a Pilates mat in 10 months. 

This is the narrative that accompanies the fertility paintings: 


A woman is born with 2 million eggs – a finite number of chances to conceive a child in her lifetime.

These eggs are microscopic orbs of potential.

Thousands upon thousands of eggs die away each month if not fertilized. 

These are the cells that allow a woman to create life through their formation and maturation.

Sometimes this primal process leads to creation of new life. Sometimes it doesn’t. And yet it is in our nature to strive to create.

When I focused my attention on these unseen beings of life force energy, their voices called to me.  

I tried to imagine what they might look like, how many I might have left, what layers of life might lie within. 

Embodiment is the driving force of life energy and
entropy is not a permanent state.

Life is meant to create more life.  

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