I’ve got one follicle and it’s measuring at 23mm. Not encouraging. It’s dominant and that means they’re going to cancel me. 

I feel so done. Ready to move to the next stage whatever that will be. I’m tired. And this is just one egg! 

No matter how much I read or try to learn, this process is still a mystery to me and my knowledge of it all is quite slim. I’m so naive.  

I love to know the “why” of all things. I just can’t seem to process why the hormones I’m taking or what they’re doing and how the magic all happens. It’s a mystery to me that women can naturally get pregnant without having to go through this, knowing that there are so many factors that need to be aligned. And yet living beings have continued to create life for years and years and years. 

This past Monday sent me on bit of a rollercoaster when I was told that the follicles really needed to show some progress or this would be canceled. I reached out to friends and family and asked for some good vibes or whatever they could offer to help encourage this process of becoming a parent along. And in yesterday’s u/s, there was progress! The door was not closed. 

Many, many feelings are tumbling around within. Many I’m still processing. 

Seen yesterday in the parking lot of the med center

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