Monitoring day one 

The day is here. The first reveal. Bloodwork and ultrasound on day 5–check. 

I’ve been feeling incredibly good this week! Minus extra sleepiness, but I’ve had a general hum of contentment all week — save for a few moments of worry and annoyance with life. 

Otherwise, I am loving the beauty and complexity that is life. 

The nurse called and said that though there’s just one follicle measuring at 11mm and a few other small ones on my one remaining ovary, my hormone levels are good (much better than previous cycle) and the doctor is happy. Too early to tell how this will shake out though and when. Though they’re planning for me to do IVF, it could end up being IUI or timed I/c. TBD. 

For now, it’s the long weekend and I’m glad to have the next monitoring on Monday at the center that’s closest to me. 

In other creative news, my creative muse has been keeping me busy when I am up for it. I started using/making a bullet journal to keep track of stuff as well as doodle and stamp in. I use google calendar, but it’s nice to handwrite some things — it helps me put timing and everything in better perspective. 

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