Cycle canceled …. more waiting

img_2943if anything, IVF has taught me even deeper how to wait. So much waiting. Appointments, medication, follicles…

yesterday’s labs showed that I only had a 22mm one on the left (the gnarly left side with the endo) and one on the right at 12mm. Estradiol at 112. Took the hcg trigger shot last night and I’ll wait for my period. Where will that big follicle on my left go? The Fallopian tube is still blocked on the left. Tbd.

Spent the day doing some art journaling. My body is sore and achey. After the shot last night I felt wonky, even more achy and miserable.


5 thoughts on “Cycle canceled …. more waiting

  1. I’m so sorry that your cycle is cancelled. Yeah, that estradiol value is super low. I had a similar issue back in March. Could you and hubby do timed intercourse? I realize blocked tubes are an issue; however, our God can easily unblock them. Trust in Him. I’m praying for you. Have you considered acupuncture?


    1. Thank you, hun πŸ™‚ I appreciate your prayers and comforting words. I’ve been doing acupuncture, but only monthly. I honestly don’t know if I could fit in more. We certainly could attempt timed intercourse, but of course I have something going on down there that’s making intercourse painfulllll…. I saw my obgyn’s nurse yesterday. All the things. I’m keeping a light heart, though. πŸ™‚

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