Day 6 of shots yesterday. My nurse called to give me instructions for last night’s shots and tell me about my results of yesterday’s monitoring. I’ve got one 14mm follicle on the left and a few small ones. On the right, I have 5-10 follicles under 11mm. In order to go through with the egg retrieval and this cycle, I’ll have to show some additional follicles by tomorrow morning’s monitoring. Otherwise, the cycle will be canceled and/or we do insemination — which is totally a crap shoot because I’ve only got one tube that is attached to my uterus.

Talk about having zero control over outcomes. I’m feeling pretty powerless at the moment.

That could be a good thing. But what I need is for my mind to get on board with my body and not try to stir things up so much (making me think I’m a failure or resent doing this or worry I’ll never be a mom….)

getting that news last night already put me in failure mode … yet, that’s not beneficial.

What’s beneficial is to do reiki on my ovaries (check), to pray, to check in with my wise self and let her guide this ship and not my worrying mind, to be kind to my body, to keep stress down, to feel love — all parts of embodying positivity.

My father in law is always saying “think positive.” Sometimes my mind is just not capable of that. I need other intervention of my whole self — my mind is in defense mode.

I have nothing else to do right now to enhance the success of my follicles growing other than doing the shots and keeping my stress level down.

I am in the exact place I need to be right now.

3 thoughts on “Follicles

  1. Hey, Hun: everything’s going to be OK. It sounds like you’re responding well to the drugs; you just need to stim longer. What was your AFC? What dose of Follistim/Gonal-F are you on? I had one lead follie in March and cycle had to be cancelled. We did timed intercourse. In May, I had 7-9 AFC, 8 that grew during stims, and retrieved 5. Looking back, I was over-suppressed and I needed to stim longer. Were you on BCP/Lupron for suppression? My RE wanted to do retrievals on the same day. I believe I stimmed for 8-10 days – but I needed to stim longer. Next time, if we do IVF, I’m going to do Estrogen Priming Protocol. Stay strong and be encouraged. I’m praying for you. I would push to stim longer.


    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement 🙂 🙂 I feel them. 🙂
      My AFC was “few (2-4)” on left with the one at 14mm. On the right, “multiple (5-10)”. This is how it’s listed in my report. I’m doing Gonal F 450 and menopure 150. This will be 7 days on those drugs. I did 2 weeks of BCP prior to starting. Definitely a learning experience!

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  2. That’s a pretty good AFC. You need more time to stim so all those smaller ones have time to grow. I know Gonal F and Menopur are super expensive, but the investment would be worth it so you can have as many mature eggs as possible for retrieval. I think they want the follies to be in the 20s, it I could be mistaken. Out the five retrieved, three were mature. Looking back, I would have asked for more days to stim and push back my retrieval date.


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