Injection junction, what’s your function

Today is day three of injections. What a ride this has been. Getting the injectables from the pharmacy that my insurance contracts with was an absolute nightmare. They had the prescription for 2 weeks, but it seemed like there was no urgency or responsibility on the pharmacy’s part for getting them to me. Three days before needing them, I spent hours on the phone between my doctor, my insurance and the pharmacy. I probably talked with 15 different people at the pharmacy within 3 days and none of them seemed to give 2 shits about the urgency of my request. Honestly, on Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, when I turned over in bed to check my phone for the confirmation text that the pharmacy said they’d send the tracking # to had zero messages, I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t be doing this cycle and the 2 crappy weeks on birth control were for nothing. That I would have $1700 worth of fertility meds (that’s the price of the drugs with my copayments) would be in USPS limbo.

But no,they arrived. PHEW. In a GIANT BOX.

The box of meds and supplies — it’s really big

So, that was Wednesday night. Previously that day, I talked with a nurse at my RE’s office aboutthe drugs. They wanted me to come into their main office, in the middle of my workday, for a tutorial. This was presented to me the day before they wanted to see me. I was already at the end of my rope. I cried and canceled that appointment, scheduling just a phone call and telling them I would find a nurse to help me figure out how to give myself an injection.

I found a nurse. At work. And she was great. I have little shame these days. There I was, in my coworker-the-nurse’s office, grabbing the fat under my own pant line in demonstration for where I was going to give the subcue shot. She was so helpful! So encouraging.

Thursday night I had my last Pilates class until I’m cleared to do anything more strenous than gentle walking. I hugged my sweet instructor goodbye until hopefully soon.

My hubs and I made stir fry, watched an episode of Luke Cage and by then it was 7:30. It was time.

We watched the training videos for how to assemble the Gonal-F pens and mix the Menopure for another time, locked the cats in the basement (because they were certain to make the sterile countertop not sterile anymore) and began the assembly and prep.

Prepping the needles was far more difficult than actually giving myself the injection.

I wanted to take a pic of all the supplies on the counter and caption it, “we’re making a baby,” or “we’re nervous because it’s our first time.”

I’m thankful for our teamwork. The first injection site is still a little sore, but last night’s went much easier. 10 more minutes until it’s time for injections.

I’m feeling pretty good too. Little bit of bloating but so far ok. Hubby bought me some celebratory ice cream (my love hate relationship with ice cream is enabled by my dear one). The first night, after the shots, I sat down with ice cream and shopped for LulaRoe clothes on Facebook. The simple pleasures. Hah!

At the same time,I’ve started using a CPAP for sleep apnea. It’s weird to sleep with blowing air in my face and my mouth and nose in a mask. I wake up more now than I did before the mask. But maybe it’s working because I feel betterish in the morning. Hoping I’ll get used to it quickly.

It’s cold today. It snowed. We went out and finished out Christmas shopping at Target. Tomorrow we’ll visit with my siblings for lunch, after I have a video call with my health coach group.

I feel blessed and grateful.

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