It’s (at least) a part-time job

Going through infertility treatment seems like another job sometimes. In order to succeed in this job, you may need the following skills:

  • highly organized – capable of filing important paperwork and taking copious notes
  • professional phone skills – able to express yourself clearly on the phone and state your requests succinctly. You will be making a lot of phone calls.
  • good team player – able to work with different people in different organizations who you need to do certain tasks in order for your outcome to be successful
  • patience – see notes about “good team player”

I’ve had the good fortune to never need such high-touch medical care up until now. In these last couple months, I’ve been collaborating with my  fertility specialist, OBGYN, primary care doctor, health insurance company and pharmacy benefits company. They do have some communication between them all, but it’s pretty much me who is the one who makes sure all the pieces are flowing nicely. This is essential, if only for peace of mind. But  I know I am one of hundreds of thousands of members/patients that need care, and though this is the most important thing to me, I’m really just another case. My scenario is no different than any other patient or member that my doctor sees or my health insurance claims adjuster processes. I’m not saying I don’t feel important. This is reality.

And that’s where the patience comes in.

When I was scheduling my post-surgical visit with my fertility specialist a good week before my surgery, I spoke with his office then my surgical OBGYN’s office at least 6 days in one day, relaying messages back and forth — all trying to decide when that post-surgical visit with my fertility specialist should be. Would the notes be there from the surgeon by the time I had my post-surg visit? Would they be necessary? What does Dr. P need to know at the post-surgical? It would totally have been easier if Dr. P and the OBGYN’s office could’ve had a conference call about this and take me – the anxious one mentally prepping for surgery – out of the picture.

Had another back and forth call today with the pharmacy benefits company. They’d been sent the Rx for my injections from Dr.P’s office on Monday (today is Friday). Today they said they need prior auths from my insurance company. So, they’ve faxed a prior auth form to Dr.P’s office who’ll then have to fax it to my insurance company. Once Dr. P’s office gets it back from the insurance, they’ll fax it back to the pharmacy who will review it and THEN call me to talk about SOMETHING (I don’t know) before they ship me the refrigerated carton of needles. All before NEXT Monday.

Because I’m smart (I will pat myself on the back for this), I told the pharmacy benefits company I needed the drugs a couple days before I actually need them AND I called Dr.P’s nurse, Nikki, to give her a heads’ up. Nothing will happen today because it’s 4:30pm on a Friday and the health insurance company closes at 5.

I know that because I work there.

Interesting, huh? I work in health insurance and this STILL confuses the feck out of me.

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