Expect the constipati0n?

That’s right. Commence side effects. My PCP (who I love) told me today in another serendipitous appointment (i had scheduled it months ago as a follow up for a sleep test — yup! Sleep apnea!) that the BCPs I’m on are a high dose and probably causing me some digestive distress.

This morning I got up at 5am to finish writing my last post, while spooning some fruit compote into my mouth in the hopes that that would get things moving. Here’s a pretty accurate recipe for how I make it. I don’t add the sugar or orange juice though. And, I use an immersion blender after it’s all cooked so it’s more like a sauce.

Later, I drank some dandelion tea, in a strong blend that is an excellent caffeine free coffee substitute. It’s called Dandy Blend and you can find it on Amazon.

So I’m here at work, sitting in my cubical, looking out at the cold rain and my stomach is making angry little grumbling noises, but I least it doesn’t hurt. I’m tired but feeling cozy in a long sweater. As much as I’ll complain to friends about how this job isn’t my proverbial life’s work, it is flexible and pays the bills.

So, constipation: check.

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